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Berwick, ME 03901
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About Us

In May of 1998, North Berwick Auto Center was created and located in the center of the quaint little town of North Berwick Maine. The business immediately took off and offered inexpensive reliable used cars and a full service department to the community.

Eventually we had to relocate and decided to build a new auto center nearby and take the automobile experience to a new level. This new endeavor brought us just over the town line into Berwick, just four miles from where it all started.

We kept our name and embraced the new chapter of our automobile business. The town of Berwick has been truly amazing and we could not ask for a better community to be part of and assist in buying the car of your dreams!

north berwick auto sales maine
North Berwick Auto Center
3 Commercial Drive
Berwick, ME 03901
(207) 698-7400

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